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Spicy, fresh, and unmistakeable

So, what makes our Cold Field Gin special? The biodynamically grown grain, the pure quality of the organic spices and botanicals, the special maceration process, the gentle distillation process, and the careful storage.

With a love for detail

A wide variety of valuable and finely tuned botanicals turn our Cold Field Gins into wonderfully aromatic spirits that are perfect for cocktails but are also convincing on their own.


For our Cold Field Gin Citron, we use only biodynamically grown grain and refine it with finely tuned botanicals such as lime, orange, and grapefruit – the citrus aromas provide the pleasant fruity taste.

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For our Cold Field Gin Berry, we use only biodynamically grown grain and refine it with finely balanced fruits such as cranberry, elderberry, and blackcurrant. The fruity flavours give the gin a beautifully fruity and tart taste.

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Aromatic gin from the Schwabenland

Because we like to drink it ourselves, we wanted to invent a gin that would meet our own high standards. We experimented for a long time with different ingredients such as lemon, grapefruit, cranberry, and elderberry until our Cold Field Gin became what it is today: a zesty, fruity gin that invites lasting enjoyment.

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