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The art of cask ageing

Maturing in oak casks plays an important role in the production of our distillates. For this purpose, we use different wooden casks with different characteristics. These give our distillates unique aromas during the maturation process, which later shape their taste.

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Raw ingredients in organic quality

Barley, rye, wheat

We use only the best ingredients for our distillates. Whether barley, rye, or wheat – we know how and where our grain is grown. We source the malted barley for our whisky from the renowned Weyermann malt house. Together with the Weyermann family, we have developed a special barley malt blend that is perfectly matched to our distilling equipment.

We source rye and wheat exclusively in Demeter quality. We use Demeter rye to produce our Betz Organic Vodka.

We distil our gin with herbs, fruits, and spices.

How we distil

We value the excellent organic and Demeter quality of our raw ingredients and therefore process them just as gently & carefully. We place particular emphasis on the local origin of our ingredients – out of love for our homeland, the “Cold Field”. In this way, we not only promote regional value chains, but also invest in the preservation of our nature and exquisite taste in the best quality.

Whisky-making explained the easy way:

The 10 steps to indulgence

How exactly is our Betz whisky made from organic grain? And what is particularly important in the production of Betz whisky? We have summarised the most important steps.

Grain cultivation

Most of our grains, such as barley, rye, and wheat, are grown locally by farmers with whom we have maintained trusting partnerships for many years.